Benefit For Ukraine | Works by Sarah Bereza

The paintings in this collection were created by Sarah Bereza after visiting Chernobyl in 2013.

From the artist: "Nine years ago my husband and I went to Chernobyl.  The guide kept asking us if we wanted to go see the reactor, and we said, 'no no, we just want to see the abandoned spaces where nature was reclaiming the human-built structures'. There is no one way to describe the zone around Chernobyl.  I loved seeing the twisting limbs and roots pulling the buildings back into the earth, but also knowing the cause of it all brought the weight of a hubris-driven tragedy.  It was a place that was inhabited one day, and then emptied out the next. It was abandoned due to human error on a scale that was epically callous and egregious from the leaders in Moscow.  The people who take care of Chernobyl’s wreckage were doing so without much to work with, but they were making it work nonetheless.  Now, they have lived through the experience of doing it at gunpoint, and are cleaning up radioactive dust that was disturbed by Russian troops occupying the exclusion zone.

This work reflects the natural way that the earth can reclaim what we build.  Though the themes of growth, melting and radiation, I carefully construct three dimensional structures which then begin to unravel using chance slops of plaster and free-flowing expandable foam.  It’s about control and the loss of it."

Bereza and SPRING/BREAK will raise funds and donate proceeds from the acquisitions of these works to UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) for the citizens and families of Ukraine who have been displaced by the Russian invasion.