Featured in // THIS WEEK WITH // is a series of paintings by Conor Fagan from the exhibition Excess to Extinction curated by Andrew Cole + Grace Lerner.

Fagan’s work draws on multiple influences from Pop Culture to Alchemy, finding himself preoccupied by the alchemical traditions of color production during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Relying on an intimate version of automatism, his compositions become a morphing ecosystem of preconscious signs and symbols. 

"Fagan's approach to his oil landscapes starts with a process of collecting objects and products that are rooted in our consumeristic world — makeup brushes, old toys, glass bottles, bits of rubble, and discarded trinkets. Even fragments of paper, cloth, a shell or bit of sea encrusted rock may find its way into the artist’s realm. These objects evince an intrinsic connection with the human body, and thus the conditions excessive consumption on our environment over an extended period of time. Fagan’s landscapes-at-large set the stage for the metamorphic power hidden within the physical world and its manifestations. These vistas have an emotional element to them that is informed by an industrial complex in decay. We as a society have used everything up and are left with a liminal space where landscapes have lost their function and are amidst a chromatically vibrant state of extinction." - Andrew Cole + Grace Lerner, curators

Artist Bio: Born in Baltimore, Conor Fagan received his bachelor’s degree in painting at Kendall College of Art and Design, and his Masters degree in Fine and Media Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in the spring of 2014. Since graduating he has been one of twelve International artists selected to participate in the 32nd annual Symposium of Baie St Paul, Quebec. Fagan has works in numerous public collections including the Waterton - Global corporate collection and the Museum of Modern Art in Baei St Paul.

Curator Bios: Grace Lerner is an independent curator in NYC. Her exhibitions have been on view at spaces including Disturb The Neighbors, Underdonk, and The Gallery at LIC Arts Open. Andrew Cole is a dealer and independent curator based in Brooklyn, NY. Most recently, he curated a retrospective of 83-year-old Japanese minimalist, Hisao Hanafusa, at UNIX Gallery, New York. Other exhibitions have been included in the UNTITLED SF Art Fair, Volta Basel, the inaugural Dimensions Exposition during Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, and in SPRING/BREAK 2019’s Special Projects with Jonathan Paul’s “Are You One Of Us Or One Of Them?”. Andrew holds a Master’s Degree in Art Management form the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

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