Featured in // THIS WEEK WITH // is a series of paintings by David B. Frye from the exhibition Milking the Golden Bull curated by Mary Gagler.

David B. Frye is best known for his depictions of American cultural history and stereotypes, using hypersexualized imagery and a deceptively naive painting style to identify the dangers of myth-making and the irony of social freedom under authoritarianism.  

Some of Frye's artistic and cultural influences: Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Brueughel, Underground Comic Books from the ‘80’s, Vietnam War, Civil Rights struggle, theatrical music like Parliament Funkadelic, David Bowie.

"Since the Black Lives Matter protests, there has been talk about the social contract being torn up by the sanctioned murder of Black people by the police. These works depict an allegory of the innocence of American stereotypes such as the New York “Libtard,” the Plain Folk, or the Hillbilly witnessing the milking of the golden bull. Seeing this new miracle causes them to forget the previous miracle of constitutional democracy, the social contract that once ordered their lives." - Mary Gagler, Curator

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