Featured in // THIS WEEK WITH // is installations by Sizhu Li and Michael A. Robinson curated by Tansy Xiao.

Inspired by the Gyre Theory, the recurring and repeating process of perpetual chaos in human history, The Infinite Gyre is a curated exhibition featuring the installations of two international artists Michael A. Robinson and Sizhu Li. Both of their works delineate an idyllic machine-dominated wonderland with no trace of humanity, which could be interpreted as either post-apocalypse or that humankind had evolved into more immaterial forms thus evaporated from the land that we currently inhabit. In Robinson’s The Origin of Ideas, numerous found lamps are assembled to illuminate a center of absence, where no object of worship or attention exists. As for Li’s What Is WATT, a nihilistic view of labor is suggested to the spectator via the mere display of Sisyphean efforts with no clear goal to their functionality. 

"In the agenda-setting theory developed by Max McCombs and Donald Shaw last century, the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it. In today’s world where the center no longer holds, in the illusion of free will and trillions of flourishing options, we’re still browsing the systematically selected information facilitated by algorithms and the longing for a sense of belonging with a manipulated eye." - Tansy Xiao, curator

A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)

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