1122 | Alva Calymayor NYC 2023

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Even Nothing Takes Practice curated by Alva Calymayor 

Featuring Artists Dini Dixon + Laura Alejo + Anais Blondet + Megan Schantz + Tom Smith + Will Rahilly

Theme: New Mysticism (2013)

For our 2023 '!WILD CARD!' Exhibition curators were given the option to choose one (1) of the fair's eleven (11) prior themes in a spirit of restaging and remixing our 11 year retrospective.

Autonomous Line Society / Sociedad de La Linea Autonoma is a series of drawing sessions mediated by artist Alva CalyMayor for SPRING/BREAK Art Show NYC 2023.

These lab series explore the line as a symbolic relationship, a conceptual proposition whereby each artist proposes games, dynamics, and prompts to draw from their ideas. Previous editions have taken place at the BHQFU Residency at the Ace Hotel. In addition, there have been independent sessions with artists such as Laura Alejo, Anais Blondet, Megan Schantz, Tom Smith, and Will Rahilly.

Joseph Beuys believed that to think is to create form. “The feeling that something must emerge from the material just as wind, water, clouds, and smoke are in constant transition..,“Through action to organized form, the hand and the mind that guide the pencil...must be in tune with the forces being expressed.”

Guests may purchase a ticket for the specific drawing session listed below and should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the drawing session begins. Tickets grant access to see SPRING/BREAK Art Show before or after the drawing session and is your pass to enter and participate in the drawing session for the date and time listed on the ticket.


Contact Alva CalyMayor for more details on each Drawing Session at alvacalymayor@gmail.com