SPRING/BREAK Art Show presents BKLYN IMMERSIVE, an exhibition of 12 site-specific installations during Frieze Week 2017.

Artists include Adela AndeaCameron CoffmanLionel CruetDevra FreelanderHilliary GabryelMelissa Godoy-NietoMaggie GrymesTakashi HorisakiClaire LachowGracelee LawrenceJennifer & Kevin McCoyAzikiwe MohammedMINT CollectiveJason PetersWill RahillyAnne SpalterRachael Starbuck, and Grace Villamil.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy's* Broker video installation from Postmasters Gallery this past year has been re-contextualized into Influencing Others, a new installation related to corporate visual language and luxury real estate culture.

All female sculpture collective Material Girls curate Material World, a black marbled take on luxury domestication by Cameron CoffmanDevra FreelanderHilliary GabryelMaggie GrymesClaire LachowGracelee Lawrence, and Rachael Starbuck.

Artist Will Rahilly* creates an underside to new construction builds with his installation, Leak.

With Social Dress New Orleans - 730 days After 10 years After, artist Takashi Horisaki* returns to his Social Dress project, re-hanging his latex cast of a former house from New Orlean's Lower Ninth Ward, spiritually and physically destroyed by Hurricane Katrina more than ten years prior.

Grace Villamil* will reprise her Sanctuary City installation from SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2015 with a new sculptural environment related to themes of migration and displacement in contemporary World culture.

For Our Futures A Present #1Azikiwe Mohammed* creates an intimate exterior park of photographic African American ephemera, both found and personal.

M I N T Collective creates a site specific installation WILL PLAY FOR SPACE, deconstructing the gestures of sports cultures and communities in a way to consider their community's own displacement and the various art communities in flux throughout Ohio and New York.

Sofia Reeser del Rio curates Lionel Cruet in Entre Nosotros, a installation about migratory escapism from an international perspective.

Kelly Goldfeder curates a gutted lighting grid into an imaginative playscape by artist Adela Andea.

Artist Melissa Godoy-Nieto* explores the colonial surrealism of vacation travel and romantic union in her installation, Underwater.

Ché Morales curates Sky Diamond by Jason Peters, the largest sculpture made by the artist to date.

Artist Anne Spalter* assembles 160 unique drawings in her installation Ring of Fire, all related to a video work regarding war drums.

*Projects curated by Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori

Special Thanks to the artists and curators, the volunteers, the interns, superhero core team (Kristen, Christopher, Kyla, Griffin, Maya), John Powers, Madga Sawon, Tamas Banovich, Erica Roseman, Kristin Sancken, Gina Nanni, Justin Crawford, Luciana Francese, Paul Travis, Chris Conlon, David Overcamp, Company Agenda, CITY POINT, Albee Development, Washington Square Partners, Acadia Realty and Creative Time.

This exhibition wouldn't have been possible without the strength and incredible hard work of Kyla Mathis-Angres, Griffin Garment, Maya Steakhouse, Jillian Mackintosh, Marian Casey, Cara Miller, Isaac Dunne, Sage Espindola , Kali Vozeh , Alexandra Appel , Zachary Bunin, Iris Wechsler, Shelbie DeMello, Jake Brush, Leanne O'Donnell, Jacqueline Mix, Ben Waissman, Hannah Garrett, Jo-Ann Arosemena, Thomas Lauria, Katie Fleckenstein, Esdras Hidalgo, Sam Effler, David Lisbon, Collin Scotese, Fumi Hata, David Jones, Elise Courtois, MollyDauphin, Aanandi Aquino, Kimberly McKoy, Jessica XiaoyiHan, Jing Ren, Ryan Halliwell, Noe Jimenez, Mary McClave, Amanda Acosta, Kevin Hsieh, Lauren Bailey, Claire Felonis, Anna Skrabacz, Ada Turemis, Annalen Soskin, Julia Gray, Abby Cosinuke


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