A15 | Sam Pressman LA 2024

Booth # A15

Curated by Sam Pressman

Featuring a short film "In Search of Time" by Pierre Zandrowicz + Matt Tierney

The connected circles of our memory are like the rings of a tree stump. An intricate and delicate record of time…” Utilizing AI and traditional film techniques, In Search of Time follows the journey of Father and Son. Along the way, we navigate Memory’s intricate labyrinth, and explore its relationship to identity and time. We invite audiences to reflect upon the power of experience and confront the elusive nature of memory itself. 

Pierre Zandrowicz, Matt Tierney

John Fitzgerald

Sam Pressman

Sacha Zandrowicz, Adèle Zandrowicz

With over 80 movies, 2 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes, and 5 Spirit awards, and making over 1.8B dollars at the global box office, Pressman Film has launched the careers of Brian De Palma, Kathryn Bigelow, Oliver Stone, Terrence Malik, Mary Harron, Jason Reitman, David Byrne, Sam Raimi, David Mamet, Charles Burnett, and Alex Proyas among others. 
Pierre Zandrowicz is a renowned artist and director in film and VR. Featured in prominent festivals such as Venice, SXSW, Tribeca, and Sundance, his internationally recognized work delves into the interplay between memory and humanity. His exceptional talent in storytelling and innovative use of technology have not only captivated audiences around the globe but also earned him significant accolades in the industry. Notably, Zandrowicz won the Jury Prize at SXSW, a testament to his visionary approach and mastery in creating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with viewers. His achievements extend further with nominations for prestigious awards, including the Producer Guild Award and an Emmy Award, highlighting his outstanding contributions to the evolution of storytelling through virtual reality. As the Co-Founder of Atlas V in New York and Paris, he is dedicated to pioneering innovative storytelling through the use of technology. Under his creative leadership, Atlas V has become a hub for groundbreaking projects that blend art, cinema, and technology, further establishing Zandrowicz as a leading figure in the realm of virtual reality and beyond. 

At the intersection of art and technology, Matt Tierney’s work has been seen in museums, alongside Warhol, Basquiat, and Mapplethorpe, in the private collections of Norman Rosenthal, Daniel Wolf, Maya Lin, David Hockney, and George Baselitz, in the headquarters of Square and Dropbox, at major film festivals, music festivals, and in flagship fashion stores from New York to San Francisco. 
Recent projects include film, graphic design, installation, music, sound design, video art, and painting. He’s currently Head of Design at Cursorless, running the AI symposium Human After All, and is focused on film, AI research, and the democratization of both media and education. 

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