Booth 5 | Cade Tompkins Projects LA 2023

Booth # 5

ALICE NEEL & FANYA FOSS curated by Cade Tompkins

Artists include Alice Neel 

Cade Tompkins Projects’ booth features a rare oil painting by Alice Neel (American, 1900-1984) entitled “Fanya” 1930, a portrait of the author and soon-to-be Hollywood screenwriter, Fanya Foss (Ukrainian, 1906-1995).

This painting has not been seen in the public for over 25 years.  

In the early 1930s, Foss left New York and headed west determined to see the United States. Along the way her book, “Ask No Return”, which detailed the experiences of Greenwich Village artists during the Depression, was purchased by RKO Radio Pictures. Foss’ intellect and ability with stories parlayed into multiple movies and later television scripts in a career that spanned 32 years in Hollywood from 1940-1972. Accompanying the Neel painting are posters for movies written by Fanya Foss, including “Affectionately Yours” 1941 starring Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan, Rita Hayworth and directed by Lloyd Bacon; and the comedies “The Stork Pays Off” 1941 and “Why Girls Leave Home” 1945. We are pleased to exhibit Alice Neel & Fanya Foss, as a celebration of the lives and careers of these two brilliant women.

Oil on linen
32 x 36 inches
Curated by Cade Tompkins Projects
Image Courtesy of Cade Tompkins Projects
Artist Alice Neel (American 1900-1984) 
Price upon request