Booth 1 | Knight-Webb Gallery LA 2023

Booth # 1 

Trip presented by Knight-Webb Gallery and curated by Rufus Knight-Webb

Artists include Juliane Hundertmark 

KNIGHT WEBB GALLERY UK | | +44 7939 530 326

Curatorial Statement: 

As a curator I look for the unpredictable. The more unpredictable an

artists work, the longer it will hold the attention of an audience. I then

view the structure of the work from storytelling to material handling,

searching for surprises. It is my job to be open-minded and see each

new artwork with fresh eyes.

The artist Juliane Hundertmark often builds theatrical settings for her

paintings. Her unique language is consistently inventive, demonstrating

an almost industrial capacity to work through complex compositions

quickly and passionately.

Each new painting brings fresh characters and relates them to a social

theme. Some themes include vegetarianism, death, hostility and the

social conventions associated with artists and patrons of the artworld.

In the September 2022 New York edition of Spring Break, we

constructed an old parlour with lace fabric and stuffed figures. Within

this vintage interior Hundertmarks paintings were politically charged,,

relating the current war in Ukraine to 1930s Germany.

For Spring Break LA 2023, Hundertmark is presenting a lighter

aesthetic, addressing the more puzzling social concerns of those who

live in the Land of Plenty.