Angelica Lorenzi, "Moon Table Lamp" SOLD *Fairchain
Angelica Lorenzi, "Moon Table Lamp" SOLD *Fairchain

Angelica Lorenzi, "Moon Table Lamp" SOLD *Fairchain

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Moon Table Lamp


Sculpture / Lighting

Paper mache, Acrylic, Paracord, Light Fixtures

6 x 8 x 18 inches


Curated by Patrick Geske + Cody Miner

Image Courtesy of the Artist

This work is registered on Fairchain, a title management, authentication, and transaction platform for fine art, organized around a high-impact social mission of supporting working artists.  Each artwork registered on Fairchain is accompanied by a blockchain-backed Certificate of Title and Authenticity with provenance back to the artist’s studio. Fairchain deepens relationships between artists and patrons by establishing a secure record of ownership and authenticity, inclusion in the artist’s digital catalog raisonée, and protection from future authenticity or title disputes.  

Receipt of this work’s Certificate of Title and Authenticity is contingent on signing the Fairchain Agreement, which buyers will receive by email shortly after purchase.  Buyers of this work may direct any questions about the work’s registration on Fairchain to and

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