Ya Chin Chang, "Snackstalgia Buddies (an analog generative art)" SOLD OUT

Ya Chin Chang, "Snackstalgia Buddies (an analog generative art)" SOLD OUT

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Snackstalgia Buddies (an analog generative art)


Painting, NFT

A limited collection of 36 unique little buddies built out of nostalgic snacks and then painted from life (observation) using oil paint. Each painting is paired with a 1/1 NFT.

Painting is 8 x 8 inches

Unique paintings from 36 possible versions 

Curated by Queenie Wong

Image Courtesy of the Artist

You are purchasing the experience to roll dice with the artist to determine the objects that make up your own unique Snackstalgia Buddy. 

Instead of a computer algorithm randomly generating each unique artwork, you will roll dice for each attribute in the still life painting of your Snackstalgia Buddy. Each number combination on the dice corresponds with a specific object or trait or lack of trait. Some traits/objects are more rare than others. You will roll the dice 6 times: Body, Legs, Arms, Expression, Back, Special Object. 

After you roll the dice with Ya Chin (a video call will be arranged), she will paint your unique Snackstalgia Buddy. Once all 36 Snackstalgia Buddies are painted, you will be contacted to arrange for delivery of the physical painting and NFT..

Included in purchase:
Dice Experience - will arrange via email, or complete at S/B LA at booth
Physical 8” x 8” oil painting - Expected completion and delivery around June 2022

1/1 NFT (digital image of the oil painting) - if you do not provide a wallet for transfer, you will forfeit the NFT
Rarity ranking of your Snackstalgia Buddy within the collection

Note: The paintings featured in the image are not what you will receive. Each Snackstalgia Buddy is completely unique. You will roll dice for your own Buddy.

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